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Designing for digital experiences

Responsive website design, web apps, interactive displays, WordPress

Designing for print

Branding, logo, business cards, banners, flyers, book cover and more

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Pixelzen Portfolio Dashboard Design

Dashboard design

Design for a resource management dashboard

New visual identity for Avaelgo

Avaelgo is a IT and tech advisory company based in Timisoara. We had several one-off projects together over the years, and since 2015 I’ve been working with them full-time as Head of Design.

This was a big project, involving a new visual identity. As part of the rebranding, I redesigned the logo, made the website more responsive, reimaged the social media presence, created new business cards and stationery, as well as roll-up banners and stands for conferences.


Design for a training application

Design proposal for an internal training management application

Visual identity for ITCamp

ITCamp is an annual international community conference.

As part of the visual identity, I designed the logo, the website, badges for the attendees, and ads for promoting the conference.


Interactive donor wall

Design for a business index website

Pixelzen Portfolio World Trade Register design

Responsive website for Transcent 

As an IT Managed Services company, Transcent needed a very simple website to give potential customers a high-level overview over their set of services.

A simple, onepage layout was a perfect fit.

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